About nearme.lt

“hand-crafted jewelry with a passion for artistic freedom”

Once I first entered the place where all the jewellery is born, I never stepped back. I completely immersed myself in the creative process. And here‘s the result. 

Est. 2017

My Story

NEAR ME – hand-crafted jewellry with a passion for artistic freedom. Inspired by the wanderings around the world and people met. Contemporary, true and unique design, which highlights your personality. Each piece with its own story – as if it were alive, merging with your body and soul. 

Simplicity combined with divinity. Raw industrial style mixed with subtle elegance. From trendy pieces to the timeless luxury, which won’t be erased for decades to come.

All of my jewellery are hand-made, cast using the lost-wax casting process and others techniques that I will incorporate with time in my store. Everything is made from gold and sterling silver, also sterling silver coated in a high grade 24k gold plating.